Karmic Crime Series

Are you the victim of a karmic crime that has caused much relationship grime? Fret no more! I have the solution you need for counteracting any “energetic” opposition.

After decades of battling the Evil Eye I created an effective remedy for breaking hexes, removing jinxes like the Evil Eye, and uncrossing conditions. Karmic Crime cleansing herbal baths are uniquely selected powerful ingredients that were prepared following the principles of Folk Magic. It is recommended to follow through for the full 3, 7, 9 or 13 days. Preferably during a waning moon.

Did you know jealousy and envy can create rifts in the root chakra? The root chakra is all about cash flow. Also feeling like your financial house is crossed up? Oh boy, do I know the feeling. The Evil Eye had me in a state of misery until I called back my power! If you feel any resistance to your desires manifesting it can be a sign that you are crossed. Everything is energy; therefore anything can be shifted when we’re consistent and persistent.

“Crossed conditions can thwart our access to the luck, blessings, love, and success we are entitled to.” -Khi Armand

Don’t rule out self-created negative thoughts, hence cleansing and uncrossing the mind is of the utmost importance. Included in the Karmic Crime Uncrossing Bath, Karmic Crime Reversal Bath, and Karmic Crime Hex Breaker is an incantation that I personally created for you. The Karmic Crime Series baths include a protection crystal, chakra oil, detailed instructions, and an exercise on how to help you release the subconscious. Alternatively you can pray any psalm of choice during your cleansing bath.

Some of my herbs are certified organic and sourced from the best farms, and some are hand picked by me from forests in places like Maine. I charge each batch of herbal bath salts at my altar with Magicque during a Full or New moon. I bless, pray over with specific intentions, and I recite a special incantation created with the assistance of goddesses. The goddess I work with on uncrossing and reversal rituals will "cook" the herbal bath salts on the altar for 12-24 hours before they are carefully packaged.

Your healing journey is a process, and depending on your (emotional) load it can take several months, years or lifetimes to clear all crossed conditions. Rest assured that with progress there will always be happiness. I poured my heart and soul into these formulas, and I charge them with gusto because I want everyone to have the best results. I am honored to serve you.

“Progress equals happiness” - Tony Robbins 

There could be one of several reasons why your relationship house is crossed. Negative patterns can stem from:

  • Past life curse: Curses will eventually crystallize as a pattern and negative patterns can feel like a curse.
  • Past life patterns: A past life pattern of adversity will eventually create a pattern of discontent & frustration in this life.
  • Negative elementals manifest in the energy body when a pattern has made a strong impact in your life. Elementals amplify the effects of any pattern! (i.e. pattern of self-doubt can become self perpetuating)
  • Vows made in a past life to never marry again (Must be broken with Magicque! See Below)
  • Missing soul pieces in the heart chakra: This can create challenges with emotional intimacy. You may be suffering from soul loss caused by traumatic events in this life, or in previous lifetimes. Retrieving missing soul pieces will help us develop a compassionate heart. Read Unleashing Magical Powers Through Shamanic Soul Retrieval to learn more!
  • Ancestral pattern of shame can be the root of any inferiority complex
  • Karma
  • Long forgotten ancestors
  • Relationships that have gone sour in this lifetime
  • Ancestral relationship curse
  • Subconscious mind
  • Childhood trauma
  • Curses, hexes, and jinxes have the potential to stick when any of the above hasn’t been addressed.
  • And so much more!

All habits can be linked to a psychological pattern. It’s much easier to change a habit when we learn how to clear the pattern. So it’s best to find the root of any pattern, and wipe it out from the energy body before it starts wreaking havoc on your body, mind and spirit.

"The road to success is always under construction. It is a progressive course, not an end to be reached." - Tony Robbins

Not getting the marriage proposal your soul has been longing for? You can break any past life relationship vow with Magicque, and unfortunately it is the only way to break this vow.

I highly recommend you follow through with this protocol if you suspect you made any type of negative vow in a past life. You will not cross paths with “the one” or you may even choose the wrong one, if you vowed to never marry or be merry again!

Check out my course Break Any Relationship Vow With Magicque! 

If you are ready to dive deeper on your healing journey, then I highly recommend my course The Ultimate Relationship Blockbuster For Women Who Want To Manifest Their Soulmate! 

“There is a difference between healing and putting up walls, and the way we treat our emotional bodies can not only invite spiritual illness, but keep the intimacy and loving relationships that we seek at bay as well.” —Khi Armand

Specialty spellwork oils (protection, astral travel, uncrossing, etc.), body scrubs, and love & prosperity baths made with Magicque herbs that were gathered personally by me will be available soon. Tarot readings to help you assess your crossed conditions and remote shamanic healing sessions will also be available, including hex and entity removal.

Unlocking Your Path: Karmic Crime Uncrossing Course Coming Soon!

“True self-knowledge and self-mastery play a large role in our vulnerability and, like all crossed conditions, the experience of being cursed can lead us to resolve those internal matters that enabled it in the first place.” —Khi Armand


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